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About Me


My new life purpose is to guide people towards a deeper understanding of how life really works, to share how we can get back to who we really are, to a place of clarity and wellbeing to a life of ease, to thriving, to passion and to joy.  The lives we are evolved to live!

I have a life long fascination with people and what makes them tick.  Probably what lead me to study Psychology at Bath University. I am a member of the Association for Coaching

My original passion was criminal psychology, but the pull of the business world and hard cash was too much for my younger self !

I have worked across several industries, and in several countries finally working for Tesco Global for the last 15 years of my career

I now follow my passion and work freelance professional transformational coach

I am using my many years of life and business experience to motivate individuals, my clients, to get the most from their careers and their lives

Leonie - Professional Personal and Business Coach - Coaching for Better
Keep Dancing

"A great experience and each interaction brings an element which comes to light which helps. It felt like a dance as there were Connection, calibration and grounding happening back and forth. Todays biggest insight is that I have the wisdom within me".

Ganesh Srinivasan